With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I am making a point to celebrate everything I love! Giving attention to what I hold most dear to me reminds me of how fortunate I am. From my two little men to a good cup of joe, I’ve been noticing all the “ah” moments in my day. Those instances where I feel gratitude and peace make the rest of my crazy day feel do-able. This is why lifestyle photography has such a huge place in my heart.

This week you’ll see how when you photograph something you love, you can see it in the picture!

Capturing What You Love

Week 7: 2/9/13 – 2/15/13

capturing what you love


What is your focal point?

You want to make sure that what you love is your main focal point. Have a messy background? Use a larger aperture {smaller f/} to create a narrow depth of field. This will keep the eye off the strewn toys all over the floor and on your little one hamming it up for the camera!

capturing what you love

You also want to keep in mind the composition of your photograph. Leading lines and the rule of thirds will help lead the eye to your love.

Be ready!

As you know by now, those little moments go by fast! Always, always, always have your camera with you! And please learn from my recent mistake. Make sure your battery is always charge! Your camera is useless if you don’t have a charged battery.

I will admit, though, that I have been leaving my heavy dSLR at home. I have been embracing my cell phone and it’s awesome camera. If I gave up on my cell phone camera, I would have missed my youngest and his love for fish at the aquarium!

capturing what you love

You also want to make sure that you switch your settings. If you were shooting outside yesterday and are now trying to take pictures inside, your settings will need to be switched up! One of the biggies to correct is your white balance. If you have your white balance still set to cloudy, your indoor pictures will be a cool blue!

Breath Life into Inanimate Objects

You’ve already had some practice with this one when we photographed inanimate objects. You don’t just have to love the people in your life. There are objects all around us that we love. For me, I love that first cup of coffee in the morning. Try adding some textures or overlays to give your coffee cup a little something more.

capturing what you love

Or stage your favorite things! Show off your wedding rings along side of some other things that you love. I photographed a wedding recently and the couple decided on a wine theme (how fun!). They had corks all through out their decor. I decided to place the rings on some of the wine corks incorporating their newly joined love with something they love!

capturing what you love

This week, we are delving a little deeper into lifestyle photography by capturing what we love. What you love can be anything! From your children to your friends to your favorite home-cooked meal, I want to see what you love and learn a little more about you.

capturing what you love

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